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Refer2Earn Fee Earning Programme FAQ’s

What is Refer2Earn?
Refer2Earn is a fee earning program. Fees accrue to all registered agents on a successful, sale. These fees earned can then either be used to purchase airtime or electricity or can be cashed out.


Can the Agent give advice on the products?
The Agent is forbidden to give any advice on the products. He will merely refer the lead to the relevant Insurer. Any questions on the product will be answered by the relevant Insurer only.


How can I register to be an Agent?
By completing the registration form on the Refer2Earn mobile application and accepting the terms and conditions of the Refer2Earn programme.


Where can the application be downloaded?
• By smsing the short code on the voucher to 41871
• Downloading the Refer2Earn mobile application from The Appstore or Play Store. 


What phone do I need to download the application?
You are required to have a smartphone. A smartphone is a cellular telephone with built in applications and internet access. They are also equipped with texting, email, web browsing still and video cameras. iOS and Android smartphones only.


Can I load the application on my Ipad or tablet?
Yes, only on iOS and Android devices with Internet connectivity.


Can anyone register?
Anyone who is 18 years of age, is a South African citizen or Resident and who is in possession of a valid identity document or passport. 


How much can I earn?
This will depend on the amount of successful leads you submit and the fees on offer per product.  These can be viewed at www.Refer2earn.co.za


Do I pay Income Tax on fees received?
Yes, If you are not registered with SARS Brite will automatically register you. If you are registered you are to supply and insert your Income Tax number on registration. If you do not supply you Income Tax number Brite reserves the right to request such number from SARS. Brite will as per SARS requirements issue you annually with an IRP5 or IT3(a). You will receive an IRP 5 if you earnings exceeded the minimum tax threshold and IT3(a) if your earnings did not exceed the minimum tax threshold.


Who do the Leads get submitted to?
The leads get submitted to Brite by means of the mobile application Refer2Earn. The lead in turn gets submitted to our Affiliate Partners. 


Are there rules around whose leads I can submit?
Yes, only South African Citizens, older than 18 years of age and who do not have any existing policies with the Affiliate Partners selling the product they are now requesting. The person whose information you are forwarding to us needs to have agreed to you sending their information.
No Agent is permitted to refer a lead of an existing Refer2Earn Agent.


What is a successful lead?
A successful lead is a lead that has been converted by our Partners to a successful sale. The status of your leads can be viewed on “My lead status” on the Refer2Earn application. 


Who are our Affiliate Partners and what products will be available for me to submit leads on?
Our Affiliate partners are currently, 1Life, Alllife and Budget Insurance and between them the following products will be available:
Life insurance policies
Funeral Policies
HIV policies and other value added products


When can I start earning fees?
You can start earning fees once your registration has been accepted and your lead gets converted into a successful sale. 


How long does it take for me to know if my lead was successful?

  • To confirm whether a lead was converted to a quote +/- 2 business days.
  • To confirm whether a quote was converted to a sale +/- 90 business days. (life and funeral)
  • Value added products – on issuing of a policy number
  • If the lead is unreachable the status on the application will change from "sent" to contacting after 7 days. The Insurer will continue indefinitely to contact this lead.


How soon after earning my fee can I use/ cash it out?
The fees can be cashed out or redeemed for airtime / electricity immediately after it reflects on the “My account & money transfer” account on the application.


Am I limited to a cash out amount and frequency?
70% of the fees available for redemption may be cashed out. Cash may however only be cashed out twice monthly at no cost from Refer2Earn. You may however transfer funds to a nominated bank account up to six times per month at no charge. Daily cash withdrawal limits are a minimum of R50 and a maximum of R1000. Cash transfer limits are a maximum of R1000 per day and a minimum of R50 per day.


How long will it be before my cash is available to draw at an ATM?
This could take up to 2 business days.


What are the bank charges payable by me to redeem or cash out my fees accrued?
There are no fees payable on the first  ATM withdrawal per month. Thereafter standard FNB withdrawal fees apply. All data charges are however for your account.


How long do I have to use my accumulated fees?
Unused fees expire within 1095 days of accrual. (3 years)


What can I use my fees accrued on?
Fees can be used for:
• Electricity purchases (Limited to a minimum of R20 and a maximum of R500 per day). If Municipal account in arrears electricity purchase will be unsuccessful.
• Airtime Purchases (Limited to R300 per day)
Fees can also be cashed out or transferred to a 3rd party. (T& C’s apply)


Is there a Help desk number I can phone?
If you have an issue with the Refer2Earn programme and email can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
Should you have any question around the Insurance policy the following help desk numbers are available:
All Life: Tel: 0861 255 543
1Life - 0860 10 51 94
Budget - 0860 25 25 46
FNB e-Wallet – 0861 313 210


Do I need a bank account to cash out fees earned?
No, cash outs can be made at any FNB ATM terminal, after the withdrawal has been requested from the Refer2Earn application.

Click here to see how? www.refer2earn.co.za/ewallet


I am trying to submit a page on the Refer2Earn application but the screen has frozen.
Have you accepted all the listed T&C’s?